Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Wednesday Backpasses: The gift that keeps on giving

What to read while Bigus is making up Becks in red and black stripes photoshops to piss off LB.

Montreal Impact >>>> NE Revs, DC United, Chivas USA [Football Cup League]
Tampa NIMBYs don't want a new Rowdies stadium []
An English girl fights to save her pitch from developers [This is Gloucestshire]

Judge throws out assault charge for player who punched an opponent during post-game handshakes [Times Herald-Record Online]

And, finally:
What is it with youth soccer coaches and sex charges?

HS soccer coach arrested in Chris Hansen-style sting [WNDU]
Youth soccer coach arrested for sexual contact with four boys [Newsday]


Mike Georger said...

Fleur-de-lis, whatever you desire.

Regarding Beckham, am I wrong to think this is bad for the MLS? yeah yeah i know its their most popular player getting more exposure (as if he needed it, and as if milan games are just saturating american airwaves) but to me it seems like this sends a message to european players that if you come play in america, your national team career is going to die a slow painful death?

phil said...

I see your point, Georger, and I do think the Becks leaving is bad for MLS, just not for the reason that you do. Look, Becks' national team career is fading because there are younger, better players (Walcott and Bentley) at his position, not because he plays in MLS. If he played at Madrid or ManU, it would likely be the same way. It's bad for MLS because it proves the level of competition is quite poor in comparison to other leagues. Better players aren't going to want to come here because they recognize that there's no challenges here.

And because most European clubs will pay them a lot more money.

The Fan's Attic said...

whoa! the comment box changed.

it also doesn't help when MLS has its offseason while the rest of the world is still playing league games and WC qualifiers, international friendlies, etc. are played.