Thursday, October 23, 2008

Thursday Backpasses: Eduardo looks like he should have a mullet

Good news for Gooners. Eduardo only weeks away from coming back [Soccernet]
Joey Barton wants to be your kids role model [BBC]
Yet another arrest is Polish corruption probe [Polskieradio]
Aberdeen's Red Ultras suspended from flag waving after setting off smoke bombs [Evening Express]

And, finally:
Differing views on English nationalization
Arteta says no thanks [Soccernet]
Almunia says sure, why not? [Soccernet]


Mike Georger said...

not sure if ive ever brought this up on here, but almunia is a dead ringer for the gay puerto rican ecstasy dealer in the last season of oz

obscure reference but you be the judge

Matt said...

A shame about the Red Ultras. Great Ultras group. Say No to Modern Football!

jape said...

I always thought Almunia looked like a strange version of John Cleese with his hair bleached.