Monday, October 20, 2008

Plotting A Return?

He's only just arrived in Milan and already the special one is plotting his way back to the Premier League. But why speak up now?

Jose Mourinho has only been in charge of Inter Milan since June 2nd of this year but he is already telling reporters that he wants to manage in England after his Inter contract expires. Jose is not stupid, with big jobs in England up for grabs and compensation always negotiable, he is putting himself on the radar. But for what job? Spurs? Newcastle?

Maybe not...Who would want to take over at Spurs only to climb the plane to Doncaster. Maybe he is waiting for Sir Alex to retire. Mourinho says he is happy at Milan and he currently has them top of the league.

"I want to return to England after Inter. But I have a contract with Inter and I’m happy here, I’m in love with the English league and I’ll definitely return one day”

-Jose Mourinho.

But how 'happy' and how 'in-love'? We have heard words like this before, they mean nothing in this game. All that he has done here is make it known that he is open to a return to the Premier League and I for one would not be surprised if it was sooner rather than later. Surely he wouldn't be interested in the sinking ship moored on the Seven Sisters road would he? If there is anyone who would love to ride in on a white horse amid controversey, It's Mourinho.

Watch this space...But not that closely.



Adam said...

First thing I thought of when I read that article today. A man can dream though..

Please Mr. Mourinho, save Spurs!
/Wont happen

Nathaniel said...

God, I hate him. Even if he is successful (when given a bunch of superstars).

Would love to see him at Newcastle though.

/dreaming of the chants the Newcastle faithful would come up with if this ever happened

phil said...

What is Mourinho going to do at Spurs that Ramos hasn't? And spare me the business about attracting talent, because there's the Director of Football business at Spurs, so the coach doesn't have direct say over transfers. The problems at Spurs are many, and one manager is neither the cause of, nor the solution to, those problems. There are no goals in this Spurs side. And Mourinho can't solve that problem.

Mike Georger said...

this is like people saying bill cowher would take a job at nc state.
its below him and would be an insult.

phil said...

Quite the contrary, georger. Guys like Mourinho are so megalomaniacal they believe they can turn clubs like Spurs around. And what would be a better way to exhibit the greatness of The Special One than to right the sinking ship at N17? I guarantee you there's a lot more of that type of thought process going on in Mourinho's head than there is him thinking the job is beneath him.

Mike Georger said...

for instance: how much money will they pay me

The Likely Lad said...

i wouldnt kill the bum outside barnes and noble on 66th st in manhattan for mourinho. i absolutely would not step on his neck. wouldnt do it. out of the question.

phil said...

That, too, Georger. In fact, that one's probably foremost in his mind.

phil said...

Ha. I just got a text from a friend that read:

" 'Bring Back Hoddle!' As a player."

Mike Georger said...

ive always wondered what would happen in america if the most scrutinized coach in the country said what he said. what a bag of shit.

phil said...

He would immediately become the GOP vice presidential nominee, Georger.

In all seriousness, as much as I am for Spurs, what Hoddle said is inexcusable and I wouldn't have him back at Spurs, in any capacity, ever.

Which means his hiring will be announced tomorrow.

Adam said...

Damnit! Theres another adam on here now, looks like I'll have to change my name, and hes a Spurs fan. booo.

But anyways, is everyone forgetting Citeh is owned by the rich Dubai dudes and on top of wanting every player ever, I'm sure they want some big time superstar manager.

My guess would be he's going to Manchester, either to the red side after Sir Alex retires, or to the Blue side next summer when they offer him 40 million pounds and a good amount of control over the players he brings in.