Friday, April 11, 2008

Bayern Munich: Team of UEFA Cup destiny?

For those that don't have FSC, or if you somehow missed their wall to wall UEFA Cup coverage yesterday, this may be news to you. If not, you can still revel in one of the most ridiculous finishes I have ever seen in knockout round play. Details, and video (as long as it stays up) after the jump.

The first leg of Bayern-Getafe ended in a 1-1 draw with Getafe scoring a pinball goal in the last minute to secure the draw.

Things looked good for Getafe to advance, given the away goal, but in the 6th minute of the return leg, De La Red saw red for a ghost tackle on a diving Miroslav Klose. At that point, it looked to be a pretty safe bet for Bayern to go through, as all they needed was one away goal against 10 man Getafe. Getafe did not back down, continuing to attack Bayern and were rewarded in the 44th minute with a goal. Bayern looked out of it for the most part in the second half. They were saved in the 89th minute when Franck Ribery powered home from 10 yards to draw the match 1-1 in regular time.

In extra time, Getafe abused Bayern from the outset, scoring two quick goals in five minutes to look to secure the tie. For the rest of the first fifteen minutes, Bayern pressed and Getafe counterattacked with numbers, but did not score again. It would come back to haunt the home side. In the 115th minute, Getafe keeper Pato dropped a ball right in front of Luca Toni who put the ball away. And in the 120th minute, on a last gasp attack Toni headed home a cross from 8 yards out. The header hit the line of the six-yard box and squirmed over the top of a useless Pato's outstretched hand. Look at the video below. You'll see just how ridiculous this games was.


The NY Kid said...

That was some shambolic defending on all sides. If my teammates defended like that, you would hear me yelling 2 towns over (as a GK, I am never at fault, clearly)

Andrew said...

I'd like to throw out a big "whut up?!?" to my Brighthouse cable dvr, which failed to record the last 15 minutes of the AET. awesome.

As a Bayern fan, who never gets to see his team play ever, missing those last 15 minutes was akin to being told Santa doesn't exist. On your 5th birthday.

ü75 said...

If you had recorded the Fiorentina-PSV game, you would have seen it. Not that it helps now. And you probably would not have wanted the 2nd extra time period anyway (if you're anything like me, that is).