Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Arsenal - Liverpool Real Time Commentary

Since it is apparent that we will be talking about Arsenal-Liverpool all day here, I thought we could add to the discourse and present two Liverpool fans instant messaging during the game. No edits...just our stream-of-conscious typings. Warts, rage, joy, sadness and all.

You'll learn things you didn't want to learn and see all of my bad jokes. Learn that LB is proficient to text acronyms. See unbridled joy and confusion all in text. And, lots of swearing. My favorite portion starts around the 1:22 P.M. mark. Keep in mind that TFA is watching on the computer while LB has no visual of the action, just online commentary and whatever I write.

So join me after the jump to read Lingering Bursitis and The Fan's Attic running commentary of yesterday's match--whistle to whistle--with all the ups and downs of the match.

11:28 AM The Fan's Attic: crouchie on pitch for LFC.
11:35 AM Lingering Bursitis: here we go
oh god
got back from lunch
11:36 AM and crouch deserves some love
guy's been scoring lately
The Fan's Attic: on and off the pitch.
Lingering Bursitis: ha
The Fan's Attic: love me some abby clancy.
11:40 AM Lingering Bursitis: she loves you too
from what i've heard
11:41 AM The Fan's Attic: you've heard correctly.
11:55 AM The Fan's Attic: shit ballack scored already.
Lingering Bursitis: yeah
11:56 AM ridiculous, right?
i laid down a 3-1 chelsea win prediction
12:01 PM The Fan's Attic: yup. [ed. note: Diaby goal]
12:16 PM The Fan's Attic: thank the fucking lord.
12:17 PM Lingering Bursitis: seriously.
now it's fucking on. [ed. note: Hyppia goal]
12:21 PM i REALLY wish I could be watching this
12:22 PM The Fan's Attic: it's turned a bit.
cudcini went off with an injury and now hilario is in goal.
Lingering Bursitis: yeah seeriously
i hear it's all us now
The Fan's Attic: torres not having the greatest match so far.
12:24 PM Lingering Bursitis: yeah he has been quite quiet against the big UK teams

i am confident in him though he'll make some magic happen
it's waiting
12:27 PM damn, we took flamini out
that's significant
unfortunate too
12:29 PM The Fan's Attic: arsenal's midfield is out of whack right now.

we need to score before half to dishearten the.
12:30 PM Lingering Bursitis: yes we do
12:41 PM The Fan's Attic: do they always switch the days of the CL matches.
Lingering Bursitis: um
The Fan's Attic: last week it was LFC on Wednesday
Lingering Bursitis: i don't think so except for this round onwards, maybe?
The Fan's Attic: and this week it was tuesday. while ManU was tuesday last week and wednesday this week.
seems unfair.
Lingering Bursitis: perhaps
yeah, i see what you're saying
12:42 PM in Man U's case, it gives them more time to rush rio ferdinand back from a minor injury
The Fan's Attic: exactly.
7 days of rest versus 5 days.
seems patently unfair.
12:43 PM Lingering Bursitis: yeah
1:13 PM Lingering Bursitis: YESSSS
1:14 PM The Fan's Attic: yeah...i knew the minute i went to the bathroom to let a fart rip they would score.
bastards! [ed. note: Torres Goal]
Lingering Bursitis: hahaha
The Fan's Attic: did get to see the replay though.
Lingering Bursitis: torres with a turn-n-shoot
The Fan's Attic: that's a classic move of his.
he's scored a lot that way.
this season.
1:15 PM probably because we just lob the balls up there hoping for him to get a break.
Lingering Bursitis: what a great goal
nah, it's a classic striker goal
take pass, turn and shoot
owen scored a lot like that
as did many LFC greats
The Fan's Attic: maybe.
1:16 PM i feel like he does that more often than some others.
Lingering Bursitis: i understand

it's not unusual for strikers to score like that esp a guy like him who does come deep for the ball
The Fan's Attic: yeah.
Lingering Bursitis: he covers a lot more ground than most FWs
The Fan's Attic: that was a stinky fart too.
so i guess it was the right thing to do.
1:22 PM The Fan's Attic: babel just screwed that up.
wish he had more composure.
Lingering Bursitis: yeah
he'll learn it
1:23 PM i'm amazed crouch didn't come off for a defender seeing as though arsenal
brought on two strikers/wingers for cornerbacks
The Fan's Attic: made up for it on that next touch though.
Lingering Bursitis: yeah
1:24 PM The Fan's Attic: that was poor from almunia.
i think kuyt has found a new position.
outside mid.
1:25 PM Lingering Bursitis: yeah
he's been reborn as a midfielder on the flank
he can run around all day
and really use his workrate to his advantage
The Fan's Attic: yeah...just needs to work a bit on his defense.
Lingering Bursitis: yeah
but fuck, he covers more ground than anyone i've seen in a while
1:26 PM it's not always effective
The Fan's Attic: i know.
Lingering Bursitis: but he never stops running
The Fan's Attic: amazing.
kuyt was defending
just outside of our box.
arsenal was dispossessed.
1:27 PM and then the ball was advanced up the right flank...
kuyt runs on to the ball.
Lingering Bursitis: omg.
1:28 PM The Fan's Attic: fuckk [ed. note: Adebayor goal]
come on LFC!!!
1:29 PM Lingering Bursitis: wait
arse scored
and now a PK
The Fan's Attic: yes
Lingering Bursitis: for who?
i am so confused
The Fan's Attic: GERRARD
Lingering Bursitis: WOW
holy fucking siht
The Fan's Attic: eboue [ed. note: it was toure] pulled babel down in the box.
perfect shot by Stevie
1:30 PM riise for torres
1:31 PM Lingering Bursitis: holy christ
The Fan's Attic: yeah.
1:32 PM babel did some good acting.
he got touched...but given kuyt's noncall last week...
tough job.
1:36 PM babel!!!!
90 +2
1:37 PM Lingering Bursitis: YES'

And that my friends, was that.


ΓΌ75 said...

Glad you noted Flamini going out. Once that happened I had very little faith in Arsenal going through.

I still say the PK call should have been on Fabregas for pulling on Babel's arm, and doing so outside of the box. But, whatevs, there's no going back now.

The NY Kid said...

1:32 PM babel did some good acting.
he got touched...but given kuyt's noncall last week...tough job.

Ha! We caught you telling the truth, you scouser wanker!

Lingering Bursitis said...

I didn't say that, NY, and I'm adamant that it was a PK

The Fan's Attic said...

hey, i freely admitted before (in emails) that it was a tough call. just like the kuyt call. it could have been a noncall as well. it's just the way it broke. LFC was hard done by a call in the chelsea match earlier this season, so perhaps it was the balancing.

and, i would like to note that i never said it wasn't a foul, just that in comparison to the kuyt foul it appeared harsh. yes, babel sold it, but i believe it was a foul the way he raked across his back. i have never said that kuyt's noncall couldn't have been a foul. it certainly could have.

if you asked me whether the breaks went against arsenal on those two calls i would say yes...but i wouldn't say there was no way the calls shouldn't have gone the way they did.

it was just the way it happened. i'll take it. sorry you guys feel so bad.