Wednesday, April 9, 2008

As If Anyone Needed a Reason to Hate Sweden

You know what's funny?

Not much today. But this comes close.

Yesterday the comments section of Arseblog was one of the more popular places for Gunner fans to grieve. So much so that the comments wouldn't even load for long stretches of time. But hitting refresh incessantly for the better part of an hour was eventually rewarded, and if misery loves company, this was an orgy and angst.

Below is a (relatively) small slice of those comments. Some were edited because they were posted 16 times (careful with the 'Submit' button, KJ). Others were edited out because they were bland. Many were left in because they displayed little regard for the English language. Hope the fine folks over at Arseblog are not upset by this—and wonderful day after post today, guys. It's more of an homage, a bit of performance art to help all of us feel a little better after the fact.

After the jump, it's a symphony of hatred, despair and Foo Fighters tickets.

AusGunner @ 21.3 | April 08, 2008

incredibly cruel, bad luck boys fucking brave performance not our day not our season, very brave of your efforts all year all the same.

Mrs Merfa Fabregas @ 21.37 | April 08, 2008

"i guess the penalty is less of an issue"

well no, fuckwit, it isn't, as if the penalty hadn't been conceded, we wouldn't have been so stretched.

Azza @ 21.39 | April 08, 2008

This is gay as fuck. Footballs not corrupt, it is however governed, driven and refereed by fucking morons and parasites.

To get put out by a negative team like this is hard to take though. Dirty, bin dipping, car radio stealing, moustaced, CUNTS!

Thorley Gooner @ 21.40 | April 08, 2008

Quite simply, cheated out of the semi final

cam @ 21.46 | April 08, 2008

that was a joke. Liverpool can go fuck themselves. Whatever happened to lucky arsenal. And after that run by Walcott. I'm sorry but if you take those TWOP decisions together. There;s only one word that springs to mind. CORRUPT. I'm sick of this shit, bring on the summer holidays.

KJ @ 21.47 | April 08, 2008

Theres no fucking justice in football. I cant handle watching a fucking shit side like livershite be outplayed by us only for them to get through cause of some shocking ref decisions...

The only consolation is Theo, he really is the only player Ive seen tear up defences like Henry used too....

MarkM @ 21.47 | April 08, 2008

Fact is we were leading this tie 3 times and let them back into it within minutes each and every occasion.

The fact they got a dodgy pen at the end is immaterial, we should have been out sight by then.

It typifies our season, we fucked it up.

I haven't been this fucking upset over a defeat for fucking ages.

wes @ 21.47 | April 08, 2008

without trying to just sound like a whiny arsenal fan, it's really quite hard to swallow the amount of points and crucial games that have been taken away from us due to fucking terrible refereeing decisions. more this season than I think I've ever seen.

Matte @ 21.49 | April 08, 2008

I'm so fucking ashamed to be a swede right now...

cam @ 21.52 | April 08, 2008

that was a joke - sure criticise wenger / the team but thers nothing you can do about decisions like that. And by decisions I mean TWO TWO TWO decisions. It seems the Kop did play a part then in getting them a non existent penalty. I;m fucking lost for words.
Anyone who criticises the team ovr this is simply overshadowing a couple of fucking horrific decsision.

Kmoney @ 21.53 | April 08, 2008

Never was a penalty. For once, I'm glad that I'm a Gunner in the US, where I can turn to a sports channel and not see replay of that shit call from a shit ref. Guaranteed no penalty if played in any other stadium. What a fucking pussy. FUCK THIS

Statto @ 21.55 | April 08, 2008

There are things wrong with this team, but there are a lot of things right with it.

They didn't deserve that tonight, I'm very proud of them.

North Bank Ned @ 21.55 | April 08, 2008

This is beyond cruel. That's three critical 50-50 penalty calls that have gone against us in the three games: two denying us a winning goal and one giving L'pool one. If at the start of the season you'd have said that we'd have a top 3 Premiership finish and a Euro quarter-finals place, I would have reckoned that a decent season for such a young team, which none of the pundits fancied much. The fact that we got so close to doing so much better and then get slapped in the face by such awful penalty calls - only makes it hurt more.

mark @ 21.56 | April 08, 2008

well .. i can't overlook hleb's deserved penalty and bendtner's chance in the 1st leg .. their penalty was a disgrace for the football world

we missed flamini a lot .. and i don't wanna see this ebouseless again wearing our t-shirt

also i can't f. understand why nobody's giving the ball to theo .. even after his incredible second goal

Flamge @ 21.57 | April 08, 2008

Apart from the CL final I dont think Ive been so gutted and at the same time angry about about Arsenal. Our defense was a disgrace today, pathetic just doesn't do it justice. Rest of the team was fine, and what a cameo from Walcott. Still, I feel like we have been cheated out of this, how many fucking times is it now this season?

Ken Korda @ 21.58 | April 08, 2008

Fuck it. Great performance and we were outdone by another shite refereeing decision.

Big Phil sounds like a really nice guy, but he's a fucking calamitous defender and we are immediately handicapped whenever he plays.

Right now I want to give Theo a hug and kick big Phil squaw in the nuts.

Vinayak @ 21.59 | April 08, 2008

Mother-fucking ref's got us again... AGAIN!!! fucking cunts! My heart went out to Arsenal for playing the way they did... tired legs they sure were but didn't seem like it till the penalty was given and their shoulders dropped to another ball-ripping decision given by the ref!!!

Fucking motherfuckers

robby mcrobbed @ 21.59 | April 08, 2008

that's as cruel as it comes. we were robbed. swings and roundabouts? i saw somewhere the other day about the decisions that could 'go either way' that have gone against us since eduardo's nightmare at brum - tonight's put the icing on the cake.

credit to liverpool for grinding out another result and good luck to them the set of robbing scouse cunts.

uefa need to take a long hard look at their ref's and get them on the same page about what is or is not a penalty.

more annoyed than when i parked my car in liverpool and came back to find no fucking stereo - robbing scouse fuckers.

cam @ 22.03 | April 08, 2008

hope that ref has a fucking car crash on the way home

fucking fucked off tarragona @ 22.03 | April 08, 2008

please please please help me feel better I just dont understand why three shit decisions have fucked our season in the arse. At 2-1 i was able to live with going out though dissapointed as I though we had played better over the two legs.... However our season has been decided by 3 shit penaltys :

1st Birmingham Arsenal, Clichy fucks up but clearly wins the ball back then the penalty is given against us

2nd Arsenal Liverpool, kuyt pulls back Hleb penalty not given we go to anfield 1-1

3rd liverpool Arsenal, a less tbc...

arsehole @ 22.07 | April 08, 2008

Have we won the double yet?


Le Bob @ 22.07 | April 08, 2008

The mugsmashers fought for it in the second half, while we couldn't keep up until after they scored their second. In that respect, they deserved...something. What hurts the most, and I'm sure most of you agree, is that they got a pen where we didn't, and ours was the most clear of the two. It was an awful desicion, which mattered more than how inept our defence were when they scored.

But, I do love Walcott. I really, really do.

Cunning Stunt @Home @ 22.11 | April 08, 2008

We had them twice, and twice referees saved them out of our hands.

Blackstock Road @ 22.22 | April 08, 2008

Fuck. That's just the way it goes sometimes, got to take a bit of rough with the smooth etc. We should be proud of our team for getting us this far in the first place. They've put in a great Champions League run this year, much better than last and that's something to be proud of, however hard the defeat is to take.

Shit happens in life and shit happens in football. It makes the highs sweeter, and the lows even harder to swallow. But the fact that you care shows that you are passionate and as long as you've got passion, then you can hold your head up high at the end of the day. This is why we support Arsenal through win, lose or draw, and this is why it is not the end of the world.

Good night Gooners.

quasimodo @ 22.30 | April 08, 2008

Crucial turnpoint in the game, Flamini injured out, otherwise we overplayed them for sure.

Definitly wasn't a penalty, the other dutch cunt almost tricked us like that in the 1st half.

And finally: i can't see what everyone else (commentators) sees in Torres.

Someday we'll have our revenge!

GunnerMike @ 22.31 | April 08, 2008

BOLLOCKS!!! They say you have to take the rough with the smooth in refereeing decisions but it seems to me that since the Birmingham Match all we have had is rough.

That foul on Hleb was a penalty not given in 1st leg. Toure does not do half as much and we get a penalty against us. We need consistentcy in refing. This is totally bollocks that these decisions can be so biased.

Puzzled 'holic @ 22.42 | April 08, 2008

G'evening mates.

If luck balances itself out over a season we are about to get a hatful of penalties and we will never be offside in the final five games.

Specsavers? I'm fucked!

fucking fucked off tarragona @ 22.50 | April 08, 2008

new idea...

we could be looking forward to next season thinking that this will be our year for a top 4 finish an other year in the Uefa cup and darren bent as our main striker....

see not soo bad being a gooner is it...

all together now:

"we'll be running round tottenham with our will's hanging out...."

Ricey @ 22.53 | April 08, 2008

CHAMBO - I can't remember if it was you or Bald who wanted Foo Fighters tickets. I PM'd Bald earlier but can't send any at the mo due to server cuntage. If it was you who wanted them, no doubt I'll get a "What the fuck are you on about?" PM from Bald. Anyway, thumbs up for the spares..!

Matt @ 22.54 | April 08, 2008

This is what being an Arsenal Supporter is about.. Moments of sheer joy swiftly followed by a depressing low :(

Stevie G did Flamini in the first half the fucking twat.

Snail @ 22.54 | April 08, 2008

Here's a bold fucking idea. Maybe you doom mongers should apreciate that we were robbed by a bad referee over two legs, as one could argue, were Inter before us.
Liverpool never get a bad decision against them. That is one of the laws of football.

Magic Hat @ 22.57 | April 08, 2008

There was also a penalty not given against Fab in the league match on Saturday when his shirt was clearly pulled inside the box.

Whatever @ 23.15 | April 08, 2008

I've more or less given up on football. Love Arsenal til I die but we are constantly shafted and I do think the game is now run by money and that includes the results. Whether it is UEFA, the FA or the clubs themselves, something is wrong. We are getting too many bum decisions and I hate this 'it evens out' crap. How can it even out if we're out of the Champs League and the Premiership race and your season is over. Wankers the lot of them.

wes @ 23.18 | April 08, 2008

you know, this loss is kind of like a bad break up, I don't really feel all that bad right now, but I know I'm gonna be fucking gutted when I wake up tomorrow.


strong like bull smart like tractor said...

Thanks for that, that was high comedy. I don't think I'll ever get tired of hearing Gooner fans whine about other teams beating them with negative play. Been an Arsenal fan long, fuckwit? That was all they ever did, for DECADES.

The Fan's Attic said...

That second match was anything but negative play from either side.

Lingering Bursitis said...

Excellent reading. I am glad that delusion is a coping mechanism around the world, and not just here.

Some of those comments were hilarious.

/off to rob Tarragona's car

Ian said...

Best. post. ever.