Wednesday, April 9, 2008

More Salary Bullshit

[Ed. Note: Sorry... this post has nothing to do with Arsenal/Liverpool from yesterday. We could easily open up a thread after this just for random griping. You know you want to.] has been busy of late, releasing all sorts of salary Top 10s from around the world, and this one for highest-paid players worldwide is just fucking hilarious.

Enjoy this top 10, as it teaches you one very important lesson: when you're at the top of your game, sign a massive fucking contract before the downward spiral begins.

Looking at the list: Kaka has had a rough year, Ronaldinho's injured again, Terry's been hurt, Thierry's been hurt, Lampard's been ghostly on the pitch, Ballack's not getting enough starts, Shevchenko.... well let's just move on, and Gerrard's suffered a dip in form and influence this past season.

It's really no coincidence that there are 4 Chelsea players on this list, because let's face it, they're the fucking kings of overpaying for players. They do it every year [I can still hear the laughter as they paid 16 million pounds for Juan Sebastian Veron AFTER he'd already flopped massively in the EPL for Manchester United], and this list has to make tough reading. Look at those awkward contracts you'll be paying for quite some time.

The sting is of course lessened by being just 2 points back from Man U in the two-horse title hunt, but still: if you fall short, look at all that guaranteed money flying out the door. It's a fucking miracle, almost 30 million pounds going into the pockets of 4 players [3 of whom aren't worth a fraction of it], but hey, that's the game nowadays, isn't it?


The NY Kid said...

Only Gallas, Toure, and Fabregas on the list. C'mon Arsene - dump Toure, Senderos and Gallas (I can't believe I said that) and makes some moves to shore up the central defense!

Eladio said...

Looking at that top 10, you'd have to say that C. Ronaldo is the most underpaid. Hell, he's probably the most underpaid in the top 100.

/slap myself in the head

Mike Georger said...

though to be fair, united players on average cost the most when you calculate all the money the club has to spend defending all the rape charges

My Phenomenal Swag said...

dump your two best central backs to "Shore up the central defense"? How does that work again. Oh, that's right, you "make moves." Because world class CBs grow on trees.

sorry, I'm just bitter.

The NY Kid said...

@swag - no, dump our only 2 central backs and pay for better ones. As much as it pains me to say it, Gallas is getting too old (and cranky!) and Toure has looked painfully out of place the past few weeks.