Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Steven Gerrard, What's In Your iPod?

Well with the news that Stevie G's love of music and desperate need to hear what he wanted to hear landed a DJ in the hospital and Stevie in the pokie, we thought we'd take a looksie (looksee?) into the music that makes Captain Fantastic so, well, Fantastic.

So, after the jump find the pregame playlist from Gerrard's iPod complete with his own comments*.

Feel free to add any suggestions or correct us on the obvious things we overlooked. Oh, and Happy New Year to you, our loyal (and even occasional) readership. May this playlist inspire you not to incite a small riot that lands you in jail.

Phil Collins: "Another Day in Paradise" He's talking about homelessness. So he not only kind of rocks out, he's socially conscious. "Think twice." That's deep and stuff.

Coldplay: "Speed of Sound" You know how I know that I'm gay?

Barry Manilow: "Mandy" She came and she gave. She sounds swell, just like Alex. Except she seems to spend a lot, which isn't really giving.

Rick Astley: "Never Going to Give You Up" Does anyone not love this song? Look how many YouTube hits it has.

Helen Reddy: "I Am Woman" It's just so anthemic. It almost makes me wish I were even more of a girl.

Mike and the Mechanics: "All I Need is A Miracle" I had this song in my head at halftime in Instanbul, and we won. It's like I caused it by humming the song. Plus it's that guy who was in Genesis with Phil Collins, so it's almost as good as if it were Phil himself.

Dave Matthews Band: "Crash" Just like I do in the box to win penalties.

The Beatles: "With A Little Help From My Friends" Always liked this one from the hometown lads. Now it has even more meaning.

Spice Girls: "Wannbe" Alex made me put this on to show solidarity with the other WAGs but I'm thinking that maybe she really means is that she wants me to get with Posh (that's what the lyrics say, right?). But I'm not so sure as she called Posh "chunky" last week.

Sonic Youth: "Teen Age Riot" Just kidding. I have no idea who these people are. A teammate told me to put this on my list so I wouldn't seem like such a giant wuss with shitty taste in music.

*And by "comments" we mean "absolute fabrications."


Andrew said...

You Gotta Be by Des'ree

MoonshineMike said...

The Bangles "Going Down To Liverpool" i mean, that's where I live and work right? and those american girls seem like they would be a good time.

JT said...

I am wondering how long it'll take Law & Order: Scouse Victims Unit to write this incident into their latest season.

I'd also throw in there "Hold it Now, Hit It" by the Beastie Boys, because that's obviously what he did, innit?

phil said...

"Eye In the Sky" by The Alan Parsons Project.

And this one is so obvious, I'm surprised I'm the first one to it:

"Panic" by The Smiths

Mike Georger said...

Genesis era Phil > solo era Phil

jjf3 said...

C'mon, its STEVIE G!! - You know Milli Vanilli and Culture Club have to be on there... :)

Happy New Year's, everyone at UF, posters and commenters alike!!

I honestly hope 2009 is a good year for each and every one of you...

jjf3 said...

Oh, and talk about synchronicity - guess what fucking song I hear at the grocery store today??? SU-SU-SUDDIO!!! Fuck me... said...
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