Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Tuesday Backpasses: Tomorrow and tomorrow and tomorrow (will be better)

Well, I was right about it being light today. Thanks for your consideration.

Just for LB. Becks may haunt him for another five years [Soccernet]
Peru NT tries the whole surround-the-ref thing for a full minute. Doesn't work. Also, the best PK ever [World Cup Blog]
Drogba is a benched douche [BBC]
Ricardo Fuller, he of the captain slap red card, will not be transferred [BBC]

Gossip Girl star geeks out at meeting Becks. Unable to get a word out. I wonder if the picture will surprise you as much as it did me [Celebutopia]


Mike Georger said...

I would think Becks hobbling around for some Uzbek team paying him his weight in gold at 38 will probably make the Becks haters more happy than seeing him gracefully bow out.

Andrew said...

A young male actor from Manchester who supports Utd gets dumbstruck while meeting Becks? Not surprised in the least.

I watched "A Very British Gangster" last night about Dominic Noonan in Manchester. I was more surprised when I found out he was gay.

ü75 said...

Well, I thought it would be a female, so there.

Andrew said...

Umlaut: That'swhatshesaid? That'swhatshesaid! That'swhatshesaid!