Monday, December 29, 2008

UF Update: Non-League Team Expelled From The Cup

Update alert! Update alert!

Last week I told you about the epic 4 game FA Cup tie between non-league Droylsden and Chesterfield. AND the possible consequences for victorious Droylsden for not keeping an eye on the paper work. Well the FA have expelled the non leaguers.

Four games. Bad weather, floodlight failure and unsportsmanlike behaviour. Eventually this FA Cup second round tie was settled. A trip to Ip..Ip..Ip..Them, beckoned for the winner. But Droylsden fielded a ineligible player. 4th game hero, Sean Newton had picked up a 5th yellow card in the previous replay of the epic tie and was ineligible to play. Chesterfield spotted the error after the game and alerted the FA. The outcome? Droylsden's dream is over. They have been expelled from the competition.

Is it fair? Well the precedent was set in 2006 when the same error led to Bury beinng booted also.

"It is ludicrous as we have beaten Chesterfield fair and square on the field. It is not as if we have brought a ringer in at the last minute. Sean Newton is one of our players. It was a genuine mistake by our secretary. Fine us by all means but don't kick us out."
- Droylsden manager (and Chairman) Dave Pace.

Of course Chesterfield see it differently: "The outcome is no real surprise as the rules clearly set out what it likely to happen if a club plays an ineligible player." - Chesterfield manager Lee Richardson.

Droylsden gaffer Dave Pace ponders the location of the nearest bridge.

But Dave Pace claims that his team was certain that Newtons ban should be served in a league game and not in the cup tie...

"If there was any doubt from our point of view that he should not have played against Chesterfield then he would not have" he added he would "go to the nearest bridge" and throw himself off if Droylsden were thrown out of the Cup.

Suicide alert! Droylsden can appeal the decision, and have until tomorrow to do so.



Andrew said...

Appeals always work with the FA.

Mike Georger said...

Why do lawyers love bananas? Because they have a peel!

... that doesn't really work in writing